You may have seen him in the news around our area coaching football, raising money for Juvenile Diabetes, college scholarships, being on community foundations, and holding leadership camps. John believes in servant leadership, where he leads by example through hard work alongside others to benefit the well-being and quality of life of those within the community.

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Elect him to represent EVERYONE in District 26B!

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As your next State Legislator, John Wayne Austinson will
work to create, support, and pass legislation that works for
all Minnesotans!

Advance Education

  • Fill the funding gaps in PK-12 education
  • Improve teacher recruitment and retention
  • Support student debt reduction strategies
  • Advocate for improved student services

Grow Business & Jobs

  • Fully Optimize the DMC initiative
  • Foster area business growth
  • Work for Better Living Wages
  • Fully support protecting workers rights

Safeguard and Promote
Rural & Agricultural Issues

  • Support AGRI (Agricultural Growth, Research & Innovation) for continued value¬†added funding for agriculture jobs, business profitability, and market development
  • Reduce high agricultural taxes on school bonding bills and improve state programs¬†to lower the cost for small farm transfer and estate taxes
  • Promote logical farming environmental guidelines and production practices
  • Proper funding for local governments

Energy Development &
Environment Protection

  • Promote renewable energy forms
  • Support healthy policies for natural resources and water quality
  • Advocate for Pollinators and Land Restoration

Support Public Safety

  • Advocate the needs of Law Enforcement, Emergency Service, and Military
  • Endorse sensible policies for public safety
  • Support resource saving measures for local emergency services